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Be Careful who you talk to about your Criminal Case

Posted by Matthew Russell on Nov 13, 2015 10:51:20 AM

I have two children: Alexander, 5 years old and Nicholas, 3 years old. If you go to my Facebook page, you will find that they are pretty much the center of my life. Alex came into this world with me sprinting down the Emergency Room hallway to the operating room watching the Doctor (who I still would hug today if I saw him) yanking my wife left and right on the operating table in the middle of an emergency C-Section. He had managed to wrap the umbilical cord around his neck twice and was being choked to death.

Why does this matter to you? Well, I use this nearly every time I meet with a client when they say: “I have a friend who went through a DUI in Springfield and they said…” That friend, and you now for that matter, are like my wife on the operating table. You are in the middle of the most frightening, confusing, life altering thing they are likely to go through. Is it fair that your friend would understand my experience with the Doctor that saved my wife and son’s life?

Your case, much like the birth story, is your individual story. There are many factors that make each case unique. One DWI is not the same as the next DWI just because it has the same title. Talking to your friends and family can just create issues of unrealistic expectations, fear and apprehension. Listen to your “doctor”… Your lawyer.


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Be cautious about asking friends or relatives about your case.  Each case is different, and what they know about or have heard about may be completely different from the facts of your case.  They may know “something” about our sort of cases in general, but they are not your lawyers.  Please be careful what you say and who you talk to.  Be careful about talking with others on the telephone, especially cell phones, email and social media, as they can be monitored. 

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