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Will People be able to see my Criminal Case online?

Posted by Matthew Russell on Dec 29, 2015 3:36:37 PM

I get this question Every. Single. Day. Look, I get it, you are embarrassed about what you are going through. You do not want people to know about that DWI that you are dealing with. Or that Misdemeanor Assault. You do not want your employer to find out about it and you certainly do not want your Mom finding it. So, will they see it?

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The State of Missouri has to follow the DWI rules… Sometimes

Posted by Matthew Russell on Oct 30, 2015 5:11:12 PM

State v. John Howell (SD33618) is a very recent case handed down by the Southern District Missouri Court of Appeals on the subject of DUI law. You can find the full case here:

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